mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Interview: Marco Guglielmino, Celebrity Hairstylist in NYC

C'est une interview que j'ai réalisé à la suite de mon périple à NYC, je vous retranscrit l'interview dans son originalité, pour la VF il y a google traduction.

-Can you introduce yourself ?
 Hello, my name is Marco Guglielmino. I live in nyc and have been a hair colorist & stylist for 20 years. My career has taken me all over the world including Tokyo, Japan where I lived for a few years. My expertise is in all aspects of hair, beauty & fashion, however color is where my passion is.

-Can you describe the relation between Hairstyle and fashion?
Hair & fashion synergistically work together in unicine. You cannot create one without the other.  There are so many other elements like music and architecture that can also be tied in.
Most of my inspiration comes from a combination of all these things.

-What about "African American Hair"?
 I live for fro american hair. It's a different medium for me and approach it like sculpture. You cannot cut Afro american hair like you cut Caucasian hair. This also applies to Japanese hair. Each texture of hair is different and needs to be approach accordingly. As long as you learn how to deal with this kind of hair, there are no drawbacks and I think you have so many more options.  Drawbacks only happens when there is a lack ok know how in maintaining this kind of hair. That is why it is so important to learn the qualities of your hair. Then the options are limitless .....

-What do you think about the fact that lot of black people use conditionner or wig because they think that is too complicated to take care of natural hair?
 At least in America, there is a lack of education when it comes to taking care of ( afro american ) hair. Most believe that it is easier to chemically straighten the hair to remove all the natural texture out of the hair. However this causes an incredible amour of breakage and can be detrimental to hair when you overlap chemical straighteners.
Having said this, I love using wigs and there certainly is a place for them. Especially for photo shoots and red carpet. We all have a fantasy on what hair " should " look like and most of the time you cannot achieve this naturally. Look at Beyonce, she wears an incredible amount of hair (which hair usually does not grow that thick and that long)    her hair is always perfect and each wig is made beautifully. 

-You've worked with lot of black celebrities including Tyra Banks, what are the possibilities when you wear a lace front wig?
Lace front wigs are the best- especially when your doing several looks during a single shoot.  I can be working on one look while another look is being shot.
However there is so much more than just lace front wigs. Natural hair, is amazing to work with - which you can see at

-For you, what is the secret of Healthy and beautiful hair?
 ( I would have to kill you if I told you the real secret..... Lol)
 I believe that we were create perfectly. Especially our hair! Thru-ought my career I have found that the less you do to hair, the better it is. I'm a big fan of dry shampoo and not using a sodium sulfate shampoo. Rinse rinse rinse. Brush the scalp for exfoliation. Rinse rinse rinse. Some hair needs moisturizing conditioner some hair needs protein. 
Then comes the styling of hair ( I'm a huge fan of Argon oil) and most importantly comes the polishing of hair.
You can visit Marco's Website

Je vous laisse admirer son travail, il a collaboré avec de nombreux magazines, participé a des campagnes publicitaires et ils peut même vous coiffer pour le jour de votre mariage.

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Great review, I like your article.

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LaManouchka a dit…

Super interview, son approche du cheveux qui serait une sculpture est particulièrement poétique. Je ne le connaissais pas, c'est une jolie découverte merci !!